5432212_GA judge in Kingman Arizona has reluctantly accepted what he called a “ridiculously lenient” plea agreement for a Bullhead City man who squeezed to death his girlfriend’s 15-month old son last October. Drayson Tese was flown to a Las Vegas hospital where he died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen, according to the Clark County Medical Examiner.

Prosecutor Jacob Cote told Mohave County Superior Court Judge Billy Sipe Wednesday that the plea deal requiring a minimum 13 year prison sentence for second degree murder is appropriate given that David Ramos, 24, had no criminal history, that the death was unintended and because the victim’s mother argued for less punishment.

“I have forgiven David Ramos because I know the person he is,” the victim’s mother, Andrea Tese, told the Court. “I know it was an accident.”

Tese was interrupted by family members who shouted at one another as they argued in open court. The victim’s grandmother told Jude Sipe more punishment is necessary.

“I want justice for what he did,” the grandmother pleaded with the Court. “You give child molesters 15 to 20 years. Why would you give him 13 years when he killed a baby?”

Ramos said he loved Tese, that the death was an accident and he apologized to family members and the Court. “I need to take responsibility for my actions and I will,” Ramos said.

Judge Sipe approved the deal and ordered the 13 year prison term. Security intervened and separated upset family members as they continued shouting at one another outside the courtroom after the hearing.