“Great Scott!”  It’s “Back To the Future Day!” When Doc Brown picked up Marty McFly in 1985 to travel into the future, who could have predicted what was really going to happen in 2015?  In “Back To The Future, II,” several jaw-dropping props turned into reality for those us living in 2015.  Flat panel WideScreen TV’s that hang on our walls turned out to be a big hit!  And Skype!  In the movie, Marty gets

the ax on a big screen TV where he “skypes” with his boss.  Who knew?  Hover Boards or skate boards that fly are real!  Wireless video games, the mac book and we are still obsessed with 3-D movies.  However, the movie got a lot wrong too!  “Jaws” didn’t go on to make 19 sequels, fax machines are so history and Nike is still racing to create self-lacing tennis shoes.  Today we spy through “google glasses” and record the present, but we don’t answer our phones through technologically advanced sunglasses like they do in the movie.  But it does show technology distracts everyone at the dinner table just like texting in modern day.

Kris Dugan