bank robber bandit robbery lol clip art clipartA Wisconsin man responsible for a bungled bank robbery was released from the Mohave County jail just three days before the New Year. Shawn Malmin, 31, was turned loose Monday afternoon after he was sentenced in Mohave County Superior Court. Judge Steve Conn approved the plea agreement that punished Malmin witht he 96 jail days already served and three year’s probation. He was convicted of the late September attempted robbery of the Compass bank branch on Stockton Hill Road in Kingman. Kingman police said Malmin was unarmed when he directed two bank employees to fill a bag with cash. Nobody was injured and Malmin fled the business without any money before he was captured following a brief foot pursuit about 15 minutes later. “This was a pretty pathetic robbery attempt,” Judge Conn said of Malmin’s robbery failure. “Personnel in the bank seemed singularly unimpressed with any threat that he imposed.”