Two days after a transgender woman was kicked out of Tempe Tavern, the bar manager  apologized to Brianne Sandy Monday during a press conference held at the establishment. But she and her attorney , Ben Taylor says, that may not be the end of it, indicating filing an anti-discrimination complaint with the City of Tempe is still a possibility.

The 55 year old Sandy says, after initially getting a friendly greeting when she walked in Saturday, she was shocked when the bartender told her, quote, “we don’t serve your kind”, and was shown the door by the bouncer. She says, when she asked if she was getting kicked out, the bartender said, “no comment.”

Bar Manager Rob Tasso says it was a misunderstanding on an employee’s part, not trans -gender discrimination. Sandy, a horse race fan, says all she wanted to do was order a soda and watch the Triple Crown race on T.V. when she was shown the door.

Sandy, a professed Christian and non-alcoholic drinker says, “I wanted to see history, not make it”, adding, “it’s like I was black at an all-white restaurant in the 1960’s. Tasso says an employee confused her with someone else they feared would attract prostitution or drugs into the establishment, but Sandy’s finding that hard to believe.

Tasso told Sandy she’s welcome back anytime for drinks on the house. But Sandy, who says she’s a Christian and non-drinker, says his apology is not enough because she says,she’s been defamed for being a suspected hooker. So, despite leaving on more amicable terms, a complaint to the City of Tempe may still happen.

Attorney Taylor says, whether it’s discrimination for being black or gay or transgender, it’s still a violation of civil rights.
— Barbara Villa