There’s new life for a commercial property that has long served as a drinking establishment in north Kingman. The Stockton Hill property has been branded and re-branded many times, and opened and closed with periods of dormancy over the past couple of decades plus.

In recent years the enterprise has been operated as Monkey Butts and the Nashville Grill but will reopen as the Sundowner’s Saloon, a name that was attached many years ago. New owner Craig Bouchard said crews are refurbishing the property, hoping to open by early next year, if not sooner.

Bouchard, who also owns and operates the Cattle Crossing in Golden Valley, said he will use dee-jays and live music for entertainment. He said he will create a country atmosphere and cater to the 35-65 age demographic.

Bouchard said he awaits approval for a series 6, “full bar” liquor license and intends to offer a 10-12 item menu.