download (1)Whether an entrepreneur or a long-standing business, Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers tools to help manage your online reputation. Last year, consumers turned to BBB more than 165 million times for BBB Business Reviews (reports) exposing them to customer reviews, accreditation and ratings on more than 4.7 million businesses.

Here are five ways BBB helps you manage your online reputation:

  1.   Register your business. Providing your company information will help us build an official BBB Business Review. When consumers come to us looking for information about your industry or to search your company name, we will have the information they need. Go to and get started.
  1.   Encourage customers to write a review with BBB. Customers have options when writing reviews, but no site holds more credibility than reviews featured on As the public looks for companies to hire, let your BBB Customer Reviews do the talking for 
  1.   Respond to complaints and customer reviews. Your company may never have a complaint filed through BBB, but if you do, it is important to respond. Not responding to a complaint impacts your rating, leaves customers without a resolution and doesn’t allow your side of the story to be told.
  1.   Follow BBB’s Code of Advertising. Use the free resource to ensure your company’s advertising is truthful. The user-friendly guide identifies 38 advertising scenarios and what businesses need to know.  Get advertising help here 
  1.   Apply for BBB Accreditation.  BBB follows a standards-based approval process where only those companies who meet BBB’s Standards for Trust earn accreditation. Learn more and apply today at

To learn more about BBB, its products and services, visit