homeowner repair scamJune marks the start of monsoon season in central Arizona where haboobs, heavy rain and strong winds can cause headaches for residents and opportunities for scam artists.

To help residents avoid repair scams this monsoon season, Better Business Bureau (BBB) shares the five red flags of a monsoon repair scam.

1. In the Neighborhood – Scam contractors usually roam the streets after a storm claiming they were in the neighborhood doing work for someone down the street. If interested, verify with the neighbor that work was completed.

2. Extra Materials – The excuse of having extra materials from a previous job is also used by scammers to trick residents into thinking they are receiving a deal on costly work. Take time to review three estimates before selecting a contractor and making a decision based solely on price.

3. Fix the Damage Now – Urgency and scare tactics are frequently used by scammers, claiming residents need to take immediate action to avoid costly repairs. Be skeptical of contractors urging you to make a quick decision. Do not sign any documents without first contacting your insurance company to verify coverage.

4. Sign Here – Many residents agree to costly repairs by signing documents under the false assumption that the insurance company will cover all damages. Scammers frequently ask residents to sign documents giving the contractor permission to inspect a roof, and later find out it is an agreement for services. Read before signing any document.

5. Bad Work – Hoping residents won’t notice the low quality workmanship right away, scammers will disappear just after receiving the insurance check, leaving residents with more repairs.

If you have been a victim of a monsoon repair scam, file an official complaint with BBB at bbb.org or submit a customer review at bbb.org/phoenix/Customer-Reviews.

For a list of trustworthy roofers, landscapers, AC contractors, and more, visit SearchBBB.org. For more monsoon tips, visit monsoon.arizonabbb.org.