beeA Bullhead City-based weekly newspaper is ending more than a quarter century of publication. Below is the end of publication public message issued by Bee founder Thom McGraham:

After more than 26 years, today marks the final print issue of the weekly Bullhead City Bee as broadsheet newspaper and, like many other print media throughout the nation, ShirMac. Inc., is transitioning to an all -digital format retaining an online presence with its Facebook page, researched and put together each day by editor/reporter Cat Smith.

ShirMac will continue utilizing the services of Central Printing in Golden Valley, which prints the successful Economic Development Journal of Mohave County (, first published in March 2001. “Central Printing has consistently given us quality work all these years and we look forward to working with its wonderful staff as we expand the Journal,” said founder/publisher, Thom McGraham.

“We’re a publishing company and we’ll now have more time to focus on the very popular Journal,” said McGraham. “Some of the news coverage that would be published in the Bee will continue in the monthly Journal and breaking news will continue to be posted daily on our Facebook page,” said McGraham.

“It’s been a labor of love chronicling the history of Bullhead City all these years but my wife, Shir’n, and I are not getting any younger. Meeting a weekly newspaper deadline had become more of a physical challenge in the past year and the Bee had become less profitable than in previous years. The time has come for us to make a difficult decision,” said McGraham.

“When my two original partners and I took out the city business license on Dec. 27, 1989, there were two competitive newspapers in Bullhead City, each owned by a corporate publishing chain. Shortly after the first issue of the Bee rolled off the press on Jan. 25, 1990, a reporter friend of mine, who I had worked with at one of the newspapers, told me that his publisher gave the Bee three months to survive “and then it would fold,” McGraham recalls. “That was over 26 years ago.”

“Shir’n and I are proud of the fact that for more than a quarter century, we were never late nor missed any deadlines. My wife and I are also proud of our past and current dedicated staff members and thank all of the subscribers who have remained loyal and supportive and folks who purchased Bees from our news racks. We’re proud that for the past six years, the Bee has served as the official newspaper of record for the Mohave County government and administration’s legal ads,” said McGraham.

“I guess we should be saddened that an important achievement is now behind us but we’re not going to be sad because a new and inviting challenge is before us – improving and expanding the Economic Development Journal of Mohave County and possibly producing other niche publications. We have some productive ideas.

Paid subscribers to the Bee have the option of being reimbursed on a prorated basis for the time remaining on their subscriptions or they can receive in their mailboxes, free copies of the monthly Economic Development Journal of Mohave County which costs $45.78 annually.

Letters are being sent to the subscribers informing them of they choice being offered, McGraham said. For more information, please call (928) 763-9339.