GIITEM_Logo The California man that was stabbed after starting a brawl at a bar in Old Bullhead during the Laughlin River Run is not expected to face any criminal charges for his role in the event.  Michael Earl Wilson, 34, of Phelan, Calif., was released from Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center on Apr. 28, three days after he was stabbed. The Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM) has decided against charging Wilson with any crimes at this time, according to a Bullhead City Police Department spokesperson.

Wilson was said to have been extremely belligerent with bar patrons on the night of Apr. 25 and had been asked to leave, but refused to do so. As he was being escorted out of the saloon, he allegedly used some sort of object to assault another patron. The commotion continued outside of the establishment and toward an area near the intersection of Long Ave. and 5th Street.

Witnesses told police that Wilson was being defiant and started swinging at several of the people that had escorted him out of the bar. At some point during the melee, Wilson was stabbed multiple times.

The GIITEM task force was called in to investigate the incident after it was determined the fight involved two motorcycle clubs—one locally and another from Las Vegas.

Investigators are continuing to interview witnesses in an effort to determine who exactly committed the stabbing.