Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson outlines his principles to a large crowd at the Phoenix Civic Center Tuesday.  Carson says we have to sop the reckless spending and reduce the size of government and slammed contenders Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for wanting higher taxes.  He

says “that is not the problem, the problem is we have to begin to grow the economy and cut things where appropriate and act like people who have half-of-a-brain.  Obamacare is also a major point of contention for Dr. Carson.  He says the so-called “Affordable Care Act” was not created with the consent of the American people and should be re-examined. 

As for the border, he says “there are radical global jihadists who want to destroy us and our way of life and we have to keep them out and we cannot make it easy for them to get in here.”  He says one way to keep the illegal immigrants from flooding into our country is if we eliminate all of the welfare handouts to them, adding “if there are no goodies, guess what?  They won’t come and it won’t be worth trying to get through our borders and that includes employment.” 

Kris Dugan