Scam-AlertScammers are aggressively targeting residents not only in Mohave County, but across the nation. The Kingman Police Department warns the public to be aware of scams that are targeting the area. A fraudulent email phishing scam from Wells Fargo has arisen to local Kingman residents. A phishing email scam usually involves emails and spoof websites from a reputable company. The scammers hope the victim will click on the links and share your personal information. The Kingman Police Department wants to warn residents to use caution if you receive an email expressing an urgent need to update the information. DO NOT open any attachments, click the links, or respond to the emails. If you receive a suspected phishing email from “Wells Fargo”, you can report it to Wells Fargo. If you happened to click the link, opened the attachment, or provided personal information call Wells Fargo immediately at 1-866-867-5568 to report it. If you didn’t, however, you can email Wells Fargo at

The Kingman Police Department was recently notified of another IRS scam where the caller left a message stating that they were an officer with the “FBI” with a warrant from the “IRS” for the victims at a particular address. The caller stated that the victim needed to call him immediately to resolve the situation. Please beware the IRS does not operate this way. This is a scam! Do not provide personal information, do not engage the callers, and hang up. Please see the issued press release from the Treasure Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Scams are occurring daily. Protect yourself. Arrest and apprehension of these criminals is very unlikely. Education and being informed are the best defenses against these types of scams. Additional fraud and scam information is available by clicking on “External Resources” at the bottom of the page.