Metro Car-croppedLaughlin police arrested a Bullhead City man after a fight ensued while he was trying to pick up his last paycheck at a casino in Laughlin on Thursday. Revtevye Rogers, 18, reportedly worked his last shift on Thursday (May 28) and intended to retrieve his final paycheck when a confrontation began.   The payroll clerk, according to Las Vegas Metro police, told Rogers that his last check had not been drafted and was therefore not available to him at that time. The prompted Rogers to illegally reach into the payroll box that was in the clerk’s possession in a futile attempt to find his paycheck. Other employees who were also there to retrieve their paychecks grabbed Rogers and wrestled with him until a security officer intervened, but Rogers was apparently determined to find his paycheck. Once freed from mob that was fighting with him, Rogers allegedly pulled out a folding knife and threatened them to stay away from him as he continued to go through the payroll box. It wasn’t until additional security arrived that Rogers was taken into custody. He was held for Metro, who subsequently arrested him and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. There were no reports on injuries.