BHCPD LogoThe Bullhead City Police Department has joined the national sex offender program, OffenderWatch to assist in managing registered sex offenders. OffenderWatch also allows citizens to search for the presence of registered sex offenders in proximity to their homes, place of work, schools and day cares.

The public can access OffenderWatch by going to Click on Departments, Police, and then Community Information. Citizens may enter any address of interest to them, and see a map and listing of offenders within their preferred radius of that address. Then, they may confidentially register the address to be continuously monitored by the agency, which will email an alert to them if an offender or predator should move near their registered address.

Usually, citizens will register their homes, work addresses, parks, playgrounds, bus stops or other addresses of interest to them. Citizens may also confidentially register to be notified if a specific offender, who they wish to track, moves from their present address. Citizens may register as many addresses as they like, at no cost.

OffenderWatch enables Arizona law enforcement agencies to collaborate and share information with law enforcement partners statewide.

This information sharing provides all agencies all the information concerning sex offender movements, history and activities anywhere in the state or country. So, any law enforcement officer who needs information about an offender, or has information to share, can access the record. Also, all data collected on the offender follows them if they move into new jurisdictions, enabling much more effective supervision by law enforcement.

In Bullhead City, once a sex offender relocates, is released from prison or put on probation, they have 10 days to register with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office in Kingman. The Bullhead City Police Department then verifies the sex offender’s residence within the City. Offenders are photographed, fingerprinted and a risk assessment is completed.

A risk assessment determines what level sex offender they are based on a series of questions and point values.

There are four different levels of sex offenders: Level Zero is “registration-only” sex offenders. These are offenders who were convicted before June 30, 1996 (before Megan’s Law). Level 1 offenders are also not community notifiable by State Statute. Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders are community notifiable, and therefore viewable to the public via OffenderWatch. Level 3 is the highest level and are offenders who are considered most likely to reoffend.

“Megan’s Law” was named after 7-year-old Megan Kanka who was brutally raped and murdered by a sex offender who lived in her neighborhood. Megan’s parents demanded legislative action and believed that every parent should have the right to know if a sexual predator moves into their neighborhood.