medium_1623735_BI_logo_tag_2007Big Industrial LLC is bullish on Kingman. The Kansas City-based company has purchased the 250,000 square foot Southwire facility at the Kingman Airport Industrial Park, where it already owns two other large buildings for lease of space to industrial tenants.

BI Chief Executive Todd Mendon said crews began renovating the building early this month. He said about 100,000 square feet will be refurbished in the first couple of weeks and that the building upgrade would be completed by early October.

“We do have several large manufacturers that have come at us through broker relationships that we have around the country that are already considering that building,” Mendon said. “These things could develop rapidly, or they could take a longer period of time. We’re just not sure at this point.”

Mendon said the Southwire building could house multiple tenants but that securing a single tenant is the best scenario to minimize leasing arrangements and the necessity of partitioning off the structure with independent utility provisions.

Mendon said the Kingman Industrial Park is ideal because of the area highway and rail network, the airport component, the geographic proximity to southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix and the local climate.

“We’ve obviously made a strong commitment to the community of Kingman dating back many years and we’re continuing to build on that. We like Kingman a lot,” Mendon said. He also spoke favorably of an Airport Authority administration that has been criticized by community members as not getting their jobs done.

“That’s not been our experience at all. We’ve gotten tremendous support from the Kingman Airport industrial folks,” Mendon said. “I think they work hard at their craft and they’re good at it. You’ve got some long-tenured folks there—Riley and French and others—they know what they’re doing and I think they do a fantastic job for Kingman.”