An embattled State Corporation Commissioner announces she’s resigning. Susan Bittersmith made that announcement Thursday afternoon, in light of Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s conflict of interest lawsuit against her. Brnovich cites her ties with the Southwest Cable Communications

Association, where she has been getting a salary for 35 years. But Bittersmith argues cable is not regulated and, therefore, not under Commission control. Swiping at Brnovich, she says, “ the A-G takes the view that any company loosely affiliated with a regulated telephone entity is subject to Commission jurisdiction.” Such is the case with Cox Communications and Century Link, which provide regulated phone service, but also cable and internet.

The outgoing Commissioner claims she’s being targeted by dark money interests to interfere with her service at the Commission. As unfair as she feels it is, Bittersmith says, it’s best she step down from office to eliminate distractions with the work at the Corporation Commission. Her last day is January 4th. Governor Doug Ducey will choose her replacement.

Bittersmith’s tenure at the Commission ran 3 years.

–Barbara Villa