An investigation into a gruesome murder scene has led police down a gory path.  Sergeant Trent Crump with Phoenix police says officers confronted a naked man covered in blood outside his home who had chopped off his arm.  Crump says the 43-year-old man was fairly incoherent when he told police he had “killed three

family members inside.”  Police discovered 49-year-old Trina Heisch had been decapitated and two dogs had been mutilated and decapitated as well.  There was “large amounts of blood on the floors, cabinets and walls.  The woman’s husband was transported to the hospital to undergo treatment for his arm and other injuries sustained to his eye where it appeared his eye was missing, possibly gouged out through self-mutilation.   Investigators learned both the suspect and victim have a history of mental illness, domestic violence and drug abuse.  According to family, the two married after meeting at a mental health facility.  The suspect was arrested several years ago for attempting to kill a family member and Heisch was arrested a few months ago when she tried to stab the suspect.  The suspect will be arrested once he is released from the hospital.

Kris Dugan