Mohave_County,_Arizona_sealIt got a little bit chippy when supervisor Hildy Angius objected to the lack of due process in the appointment of Records Manager Robert Ballard as interim Mohave County recorder. Angius said she has no issue with Ballard personally, but that she had a big problem with the orchestration of his appointment.

The discussion transpired during the February 16 Board of Supervisors meeting. Supervisors were addressing their duty to appoint someone to serve out the term of Carol Meier, the county recorder who died February 4.

Angius favored appointment of Chief Deputy Kristi Blair. Blair and Voter Registration Supervisor Kim Stewart are both seeking candidacy for County Recorder in the current election cycle.

Some members of the Board were reluctant to elevate Blair or Stewart due to concern that appointment of someone who is running gives that person incumbent status, and an election advantage. Board Chairman Jean Bishop proposed Ballard as a solution.

“I can tell you that I have spoken to an employee that works in that office that is not running,” Bishop said. “Robert Ballard has told me that if his name was brought up that he would accept the temporary position.”

Enter Angius.

“I have a problem. This seems to have been decided up here in Kingman and this is absolutely the first I’ve heard this name and this is nothing against Mr. Ballard,” Angius said. “It seems like it was decided already. I’ve not been notified and I have a big issue with that for something this important.”

Supervisor Steve Moss sided with Angius, supporting her suggestion that it would be better to accept resumes and applications before making any appointment decision. But they were in the minority of the 3-2 vote that elevated Ballard to run the office until the end of this year.

“I was surprised and honored that my name was brought up. I did not ask for this,” Ballard said. He said his only wish was for some comfort in knowing he could return to his Record Manager job after the newly-elected recorder takes office at years’ end.