The resignation of Steve Moss to accept appointment as Division 3 Mohave County Superior Court Judge prompts a special Friday meeting of the county board of supervisors. The board will contemplate the process by which they will select and appoint Moss’ successor as District 5 county supervisor.

Historically, the process has involved an application, screening and interview scenario leading to an appointment decision.

Whichever republican is eventually appointed will hold the seat through the election cycle next summer and fall. The District 5 supervisors seat will be up for grabs in that time frame and the election winner will serve a two year term.

The fall, 2020 election would involve a normal four-year term for whomever wins the District 5 supervisors race at that time.

The special board meeting at the county administration facility in downtown Kingman begins at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, July 28.