The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously O.K’s a deal to let private investors take Chase Field off the County’s hands in terms of ownership. The vote opens the way for talks between the investors and the Arizona Diamondbacks to eventually forge a deal. Board Chairman Clint

Hickman calls the move a step in the right direction. He says this is about finding a middle ground between “taking the yoke off taxpayers” while taking the “inherent risk in keeping Diamondbacks baseball to 2028 and beyond”.

But Blue Crowley told the board the 60-million dollar proposed price tag on Chase Field is paltry compared to the over 300 million bucks it took to build it 20 years ago. He says the higher figure is a value, which otherwise, you’re into the “trash heap” with the current asking price. The current asking price, he says, is all the more deplorable considering then Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox was shot in the Supervisor’s Auditorium by a man who objected to the ballpark construction.

The Board notes the next step is an appraisal of the property’s fair market value. The Diamondbacks have stipulated renovations to Chase Field, or the team leaves town.

–Barbara Villa