The Mohave County Sheriff’s Patrol Boat was flagged down and advised that a vehicle had just gone into the water at the Lake Havasu Marina located at 1100 N McCulloch Boulevard on Friday, June 2. At about 2:41 p.m., deputies responded and upon arrival, a 2009 Ford F-150, with a trailer and boat attached, was located completely submerged on the launch ramp.

Investigations determined that the male and female owners had just pulled the boat from the water and were stopped on the ramp. The male driver advised that when he released his parking brake, the truck rocked violently, then began to slide down the ramp into the water.

The female subject was able to exit prior to the vehicle entering the water, but the male driver was not. He was able to swim from the truck and only suffered minor scratches. The truck was salvaged by a local tow company and vessel salvage company.

Investigations are on-going and alcohol is not a factor.