sex offendersCommission of sex offense involving the 12-year old daughter whose parents allowed him to live with them in Lake Havasu City will result in a trip to the Arizona Department of Corrections for Jessie Drake. The 30-year-old defendant is being convicted of the reduced charge of attempted child molestation through a plea agreement entered December 11. Prosecutor Greg McPhillips told the Court that the mother walked in to the garage of her home on Jamaica Boulevard to find her daughter straddling Drake’s lap in September of 2012. He said the mother observed Drake to be touching her daughter in an improper manner. McPhillips said the woman called out to her husband for assistance and that Drake said “this isn’t what you think” before he fled on foot. Drake made some admissions when he was subsequently interviewed by Lake Havasu City Police, according to McPhillips. The prosecutor said Drake admitted he was attracted to the girl and was “developing feelings” for her. Terms of the plea agreement require imposition of an eight year prison term at sentencing January 12. Drake must also register as a sex offender for the rest of his life upon release.