bnsfThe Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is answering questions the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad ignored involving a recent train derailment. Railroad traffic was halted overnight and disrupted for a couple of days when three locomotives and one rail car left the tracks early Sunday evening, March 1, about five miles west of Williams.

While railroad spokeswoman Lena Kent said the incident was caused by a boulder, there was no response to questions about the size of the rock and how it came to be on the tracks. The answers come from the ACC’s railroad safety section.

“The derailment was caused by heavy rains that washed out the hillside and a boulder went down the hillside and onto the tracks,” said ACC spokeswoman Rebecca Wilder. “There have been problems with rock slides in this area in the past, but no derailments.”

Wilder said the boulder was 3-4 feet in diameter. She said there were no injuries in the incident with damages totaling about $300,000.