bradyBullhead City Mayor Tom Brady is skeptical that proposed sterilization of wild burros will trim their numbers enough to reduce the public safety threat they pose for people traveling along SR 68 and the Bullhead Parkway. Brady told city council members during their Tuesday meeting that he appreciates that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is working for a solution.

Nonetheless, Brady said a BLM-proposed fertility management program won’t accomplish what is necessary. Brady said the plan targets an insufficient number of female burros to sterilize and that most of the areas from which they will be trapped are not close enough to the hazard zones in and around Bullhead City.

“So, the herd that we have here in Bullhead City right now is not going to be affected in any way, shape or form by what they’re proposing to do,” Brady said.

The council approved a resolution supporting the BLM burro sterilization proposal. But the resolution urges the agency to reconsider its trapping locations and to take further measures to reduce the size of the rapidly growing burro herd.