A Fort Mohave doctor is the focus of a multi-state DEA investigation into an alleged illegal prescription pill enterprise. The DEA said about $750,000 in cash, 49 weapons and eight vehicles were seized during November 15 searches at the home and office of Dr. Shakeel Kahn.
   The DEA said another search warrant was executed at an undisclosed location in Fort Mohave and another in Wyoming.   Dr. Kahn and his wife, name undisclosed, were arrested Wednesday (Nov. 30) morning in Wyoming.
   The DEA indicated more details and indictment information will be provided, possibly Thursday.
   The Board of Medical Examiners (BOMEX), the entity that regulates doctors in Arizona, suspended Dr. Kahn's license to practice allopathic medicine in the state during an August 4 hearing.  BOMEX records indicated that complaints precipitated an investigation into allegations that Dr. Kahn had been involved in inappropriate opioid prescription activity.
   ``A Medical Consultant (MC) who reviewed the case concluded that Dr. Kahn fell below the standard of care by prescribing high dose narcotic therapy to three out of four patients reviewed, and their diagnoses did not justify the high doses prescribed," the  BOMEX suspension document said. ``The MC also found that Dr. Kahn escalated doses and failed to control the patient's consumption of opioids by allowing for early refills and not conducting pill counts. The MC concluded that Dr. Kahn's doses are far outside the range of the typical pain practice."
(Thursday story update expected.)