The July 5 Kingman City Council meeting featured what could be the end of community cargo container controversy and another round of head buttin’ between Mayor Monica Gates and Council member Travis Lingenfelter.

After more than two years of rancor, the Council formally approved an ordinance amendment that allows use of conex containers for storage purposes within C-2 zoned areas.

An exasperated Blake Schritter, co-owner of the Black Bridge Brewery, expressed frustration with the long running battle and concern that his business might be out of compliance under the new regulatory scheme.

“It has gone on so long it’s got me steaming!,” Schritter exclaimed. “I can’t even think straight!”
Council members spent several minutes to add clarification and definition to the amendment so that the business can comply with applicable regulations going forward.

Part of that effort was to also allow use of such containers in C-2 for operations rather than storage. In the instance of Black Bridge, the containers are used to store and chill beer.

Another issue involving Black Bridge is use of two boxes by the business rather than one. Since the ordinance allows one 40 foot long box, it was decided that Schritter’s two 20 foot boxes shall be considered as one 40 footer, and compliant.