Brits are calling it the UK Independence Day!  The United Kingdom has made history by voting to leave the shackles of the European Union.  But what does that mean for the U.S.?  The BREXIT vote could mean a boost for Republican presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump in the race to the White

House.  There are many similarities to the U.K. and the U.S.  An angry electorate cast their ballots to leave the European Union because European bureaucrats and Brussels dictated UK Laws and opened the borders.  Brits who supported the exit want to be a free nation with a resurgence of pride in their country.  Political analyst Mike O’Neil says the “sentiment is the same” between the U.S. and the U.K.  The Brits are caught in a European migrant refugee crisis, just like America has been flooded with immigrants crossing the southern border by the thousands.  The broken immigration system is at the core of Trump’s campaign.  O’Neil says the vote will have no impact on the presidential election, but others disagree.  Hillary Clinton was against the exit and showed her support for the politicians who wanted to stay in the EU.  Trump on the hand, said the UK should be a free country and make their own laws without Brussels interfering.  The “Telegraph” reports the vote to leave is Clinton’s “worst nightmare” showing the people are tired of trusting the political establishment. 

Kris Dugan