imageoat2 The Mohave County Public Work’s Department received the final go ahead from the Federal Highway Administration that they would be authorizing the final portion of a $1,970,000 federal grant for construction of the Oatman Highway Bridge Project.

“Mohave County is one of just 61 other municipalities around the nation to have secured federal funding under the federal Accelerated Innovative Deployment Grant,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.

A condition of the grant requires the County, in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Transportation which is administering the project on behalf of the County, to complete project design and environmental clearances within 6 months of funding authorization.

“The County’s deadline was June 24, 2016, and on June 16, 2016, the County achieved the project design and clearances milestone enabling Federal Highway Administration approval of the balance of grant funds not used in design to support project construction,” Johnson said.

Johnson said construction of the Bridge is a step forward in reducing the flooding issues many County residents and visitors face during monsoon season in the Topock/Golden Shores area.

“In 1988, a 100-foot right-of-way section was turned over to Mohave County by the State of Arizona.  That is currently the only section of the Sacramento Wash that is owned by the county,” Johnson explained.  “The adjacent upstream and downstream of Sacramento Wash is owned and administrated by the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge (Refuge) under the control of the United States Department of Interior.”

Public Works Director Steve Latoski said the proposed bridge project consists of constructing a new single span bridge with Prefabricated Bridge Elements (PBE) and related roadway and drainage improvements on Oatman Highway (Historic Route 66) across Sacramento Wash, located approximately one mile north of I-40, in Topock.

“The work consist of constructing a new bridge, roadway approaches and channel improvements within Mohave County highway right-of-way. The work also includes signing, striping, concrete barrier, guard rail, seeding and other related work,” Latoski said.

To help minimize flooding issues in the area, the County will also pursue a separate project that will be completed concurrent with the bridge project to remove an existing manmade berm upstream in the Sacramento Wash on Havasu National Wildlife Refuge lands to restore the wash to its historical flow path south of its existing crossing.

“The County’s project on Refuge lands will include work to enable optimum function of the new bridge.  The bridge project requires no coordination/approvals from the Tribes; however, an Environmental Assessment is ongoing for the County’s offsite project which will demand consultation and consent of the Tribes deemed impacted by the work,” Latoski said.

The bridge project will be advertised for contractor bids in July.  From time of contract award, Mohave County anticipate a 4-month construction process.

Currently, it is anticipated the bridge will be installed in January, which will project completion under an approximate 4-month period by February 2017.