The brother of a man shot and killed by Phoenix police in early December has been arrested. Rickey Brisbon, the brother of Rumain Brisbon who was shot and killed by police investigating a suspected drug deal, was arrested Friday night by Glendale police.  Police say a woman called Glendale police claiming she has been

physically and sexually assaulted by 38-year-old Rickey Brisbon.  She also claimed Brisbon threatened to kill her and kill the Phoenix Police Officer who shot his brother, Rumain.  According to Glendale Police spokesman David Vidaure, allegations made by the alleged victim are under investigation and Brisbon was taken into custody without incident for questioning.  However, Brisbon was booked on unrelated domestic violence charges stemming from a 2013 domestic violence case, as well as felony possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.  The Phoenix Police have been notified by the alleged threat to one of their officers.

Kris Dugan