DAVISThe brutal beating of his pregnant girlfriend earns a Kingman man a lengthy stay in the Arizona Department of Corrections. Lance Davis, 26, told Judge Billy Sipe at sentencing last month that he did not remember harming the victim because he was intoxicated.

“I can’t recall it,” Davis said. He offered no apology and said he couldn’t admit or deny involvement for lack of memory.

Prosecutor Bob Moon said Davis had a long history of alcohol abuse and assault related troubles.

“When he becomes intoxicated or high, or both, he becomes a vicious person,” Moon told Judge Sipe. “He does go around beating the hell out of people.”

Moon said the woman suffered a prolonged, almost “animalistic” beating. He said she was struck by a lamp and hammered repeatedly with a shower curtain rod.

“He beat her until his arms were too tired to beat her anymore,” Moon said. He said Davis rested and “started in again” after he caught his “second wind.”

Judge Sipe told Davis that he was responsible for the most horrific violence, short of a homicide, that he had witnessed in his near 30 year experience in the criminal justice system.

“This is the worst assault I’ve ever seen in my career,” Sipe said. “I don’t understand how another human being could beat down and continue to beat down another human being.”

Davis’ mother apologized for her son’s brutality, telling the Judge he did need to be punished.

“As a mother, I feel responsible. I feel guilty,” she said.

Judge Sipe imposed a 15 year prison sentence.