Buckeye Police have not given up on finding 10 year old Jessie Wilson. But Sergeant Jason Weeks says, it’s been difficult jumping on leads. So the Police Department has launched a new tip line and e-mail address, especially geared to handling this information about the runaway boy. The tip line

phone number is 623-349-6411. The e-mail address is bpdtips@buckeyeaz.gov

Weeks explains, leads have been getting funneled into various social media, leaving police out of the loop. So, he says, as people chime in with comments about the lead, it may take hours before police get wind of it and chase it down in a timely manner. Weeks says a reported weekend sighting of Jessie is one example of how potentially valuable information has been eluding police, and as he puts it, “time is of the essence” to find Jesse and get him safely home.

Wilson vanished Sunday two weekends ago and, so far, he has not returned home. The African-American school boy is four feet tall and 60 pounds. He was last seen wearing a red shirt and black shoes and socks, but his pants color is unknown. Weeks adds, for now, public group searches for Jessie have been suspended, leaving that job to the professionals.

–Barbara Villa