joe-pic-1While Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd starred in a movie about getting rid of ghosts, Joe Iburg has moved to Arizona to become Bullhead City’s “Bug Buster”.

“Some people refer to him as the ‘bug guy’,” said City Manager Toby Cotter, while introducing Iburg at the September 6 city council meeting. “He`s more than that. He’s a scientist and he’s an entomologist.”

Cotter explained funding through partnership with the Bullhead Pest Abatement District made possible the hiring of Iburg. Some of his work will focus on how to deal with increasing populations of caddisflies and mosquitos in and around the community.

Iburg said his previous job involved study of black flies at a research lab at the University of Georgia. He said expanded duties in his new position in Bullhead City present exciting challenges and opportunity for professional growth.