This past year the Bullhead City Fire Department(BCFD) acquired use of several structures that are scheduled for demolition by the City’s Department of Code Enforcement as part of the abatement process. On April 3-9, 2017 BCFD conducted training at one of the acquired structures located at 150 Long Avenue.

The building was a two-story structure and made it possible to simulate a fire on the first floor and the second floor. The building also had an exterior stairwell, which allowed crews to practice deploying fire hose up a stairwell as if they were responding to an apartment, motel, or condo unit.

Training Division Chief Josh Livermore advised fifteen crews rotated through the training in a three-day process. Many of the newer firefighters were able to practice additional skills such as roof ventilation, forcible entry, and wall breaching.

The ability to breach an interior or exterior wall is an invaluable skill for a firefighter in the event he/she might become trapped on a fire scene. Having the ability to practice fire ground skills on an actual structure provides realism, reinforces skills and improves the success of our firefighters on a real incident.

BCFD would like to thank the City of Bullhead City for the opportunity to use these structures for training.