Congressman Trent Franks is at the Republican National Convention throwing his support behind Donald Trump for president.  Franks says he had his doubts about Trump, but they were all put to rest when Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his Vice President.  Franks says, “if there is anything that has

given me such hope in Donald Trump’s judgment, it has been the appointment of Mike Pence.  Pence is a truly noble, Valley Forge American of the first magnitude.”  While Franks has endorsed Trump, there have been a few hold-outs.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz has not endorsed Trump, but Franks expects Cruz will endorse Trump from the podium tonight.  He says “Cruz is on board.  I think first and foremost he’s a statesmen, and Ted Cruz understands what’s at stake.”  Franks says it would be a mistake the country would long regret if they don’t vote for Trump, adding he “is deeply committed to leaving everything on the battlefield and doing everything possible to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States.”

Kris Dugan