gavelA prosecutor in the Mohave County Attorney’s Office has been selected to succeed retiring Mohave County Court Commissioner Julie Roth. Presiding Judge Charles W. Gurtler said Doug Camacho will take the bench on July 13.

Camacho received his law degree from Loyola University in Chicago. He was engaged in private practice in Missouri before he was admitted to practice law in Arizona 14 years ago.

“Doug brings an extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system with him to the bench and is a very knowledgeable, dedicated and able attorney. The numerous letters of public support the Court received overwhelmingly highlighted Doug’s impeccable character, professionalism, strong work ethic and community involvement,” Jude Gurtler said. “This was not an easy decision as all the candidates have excellent skills and abilities, however, the consensus among the judicial leadership was Doug Camacho is the best fit.”