A body Phoenix Police recovered from Camelback Mountain is that of a British explorer that went missing. Officer James Holmes identifies the victim as 50 year old Steven Vanderhoeven, who failed to return home to the U.K. as scheduled. He checked into a Phoenix hotel last Friday, contacted a friend

in the U.K. Sunday, and had not been heard from since. He also rented a car for the trip.

Holmes says police began searching various phoenix-area mountains. The search ended Tuesday afternoon when a police helicopter spotted a man’s body on Camelback Mountain, and identified the remains as Vanderhoeven.

Holmes says, he had water on him and there’s no indication of foul play, but it’s possible he may have succumbed to a medical problem. Vanderhoeven was in search of the Chuckwalla lizard, a large ,stocky species indigenous to the Southwest.

–Barbara Villa