Carnochan 2


A Canadian citizen in custody in northwest Arizona has been connected to three elderly women who remain missing after having similar relationships with him. The probe that initially focused on the disappearance last June of Nancy Hartz, 72, Kingman, led authorities to Robert Carnochan, 69.

Carochan was arrested April 13 in Yucca and booked into jail in Kingman for multiple fraud, identity theft and weapons offenses. The Mohave County Sheriff’s office said evidence collected during the search of the Yucca home where Carnochan resided led to the discovery of personal possessions belonging to two other missing women.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Rodney Head identified those women Tuesday as Neva Lindley, 77, Las Vegas and Verna Clayton, 73, Dolan Springs. Head said Lindley has been missing since November, 2011 and Clayton was last seen in June, 2008.

During a briefing with local press, Head said that it has been determined that each of the missing women had property or other assets of value and that they met Carnochan through on line dating sites catering to older people. Head said Carnochan has admitted involvements with each of the three women but told investigators that he either dropped them off or that they left on their own volition the last time he saw them.

Head said Carnochan was living with another elderly woman from California at the time of his arrest. He said the unidentified woman is fine and that she has assisted in the ongoing investigation.

Head said Las Vegas Metro Police and other law enforcement authorities from Nevada, and agents from Homeland Security are assisting with case investigation. He said they are trying to gain access to the social media communications, as well as bank account information for each of the three missing women.

Anyone with information about Canrochan or each of the three missing women is asked to contact the sheriff’s office (928-753-0755).