The Cancer Care Center is being expanded on the north end of the Kingman Regional Medical Center campus. TR Orr Inc. is the general contractor for the $9.5-million project.

Kerry Herbine, Director of Oncology said roughly half the project cost is tied to purchase of a new linear accelerator that will be used for radiation therapy.


“It is the latest and greatest in the industry,” Herbine said. “We’ll be able to do the latest and greatest procedures to give our patients the best radiation therapy care.”

Herbine said doctors and support staff are excited about how the new equipment will help them save lives. The second accelerator essentially doubles the Cancer Center’s radiation therapy patient capacity.

The chemotherapy treatment capacity will double as well as the Center is expanded from 9,000 sq. ft. to roughly 18,000 sq. ft.

“We have 12 chemotherapy chairs right now and we’re expanding to 24 and doubling the space so it will be comfortable for our patients,” Herbine said. “We want it to be a professional living room sort of ambience, with subdued lighting and earth tone colors.”

A February 28 ground breaking preceded demolition activity that will lead to early construction in April. Construction will occur in a methodical and strategic fashion so that compassionate care is sustained.

“We are very sensitive to this. We cannot have any disruption,” Herbine said. “Our patients have cancer. We take that very seriously.”

Project completion is expected in September.