01281029120_animal-rescue-catAquarius Casino Resort Is moving forward with helping to get the feral cat population along the Laughlin river walk under control by spaying or neutering them, as well as providing them with their shots and any necessary medical care. We will be transporting them to their new forever home in Colorado once they are ready. Since these cats are feral, they are not good candidates for adoption, but there is someone who willing to take them and let them live out the rest of their lives on a 45 acre ranch in Bennett, Colorado. The cats are all just about ready to be taken to Colorado but the start-up cat sanctuary there still needs help, They have almost reached their goal of $5,000 to fund the structure end fencing needed to take on go many cats, but they are ’till short, They are not able to take the cats until they have reached their goal. Since they are far away and are in a rural area, their fundraising opportunities are limited. The Aquarius is helping out by holding a candy fundraiser in an effort to raise funds.How can you help? By making a small donation of $2.00 for a candy bar, you are helping to give these cats a brighter future, All monies collected will be sent directly to the cat sanctuary.