Chandler Police are looking for a car thief who took advantage of an unattended running car. Sergeant Joe Favazzo says the car owner was busy filling bottles at a water fill up station at 900 Elliott Road when he saw the suspect taking off with his car.

The victim reached into the partially open driver’s side window as the car was moving to try to stop him, but he fell on the pavement as the suspect drove away. Favazzo says, luckily, the victim suffered minor injuries and needed no medical treatment.

Police are looking for a tall, light skinned black man in his late ‘20’s wearing a black shirt with black and white sleeves and dark jeans. The missing car is a 2005 silver Honda with a broken driver’s side window, with Arizona license plate number B-G-A—1-9-8-2.

Favazzo says the victim could’ve protected him by simply shutting off the car and locking it. He also says, he should not have tried to the stop the thief, especially since he could’ve hurt or killed in getting dragged, or perhaps, shot.

—Barbara Villa