An elderly Prescott woman is giving a prayer of thanks after a freak parking accident.  Deputy Chief of Police Amy Bonney says an 89-year-old woman trying to parallel park on top of a steep hill didn’t quite make the spot.  The woman struck the car parked behind her that sent the car barreling down the hill, rolling through

the intersection, popping up over a curb, and ran into the “Solid Rock Christian Church.”  It was nothing short of a miracle that no one was injured.  Bonney says it appears the woman may have hit the gas instead of the breaks that caused her to hit the car behind her.  Bonney says it’s amazing the car didn’t hit trees, or people or other cars on this way down the hill.  She says “it sort of threaded the needle, taking out the least resistance and causing the least amount of damage as possible.” 

Kris Dugan