attorney general Mark Brnovich is announcing the sentencing of two people in
unrelated cases who stole money from the seniors they were supposed to be
caring for.   

Brnovich says that in one
case, 69-year old Indrani Gaston was sentenced in Coconino County Superior Court
to four years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing more than $100,000
from a 93-year old man to support her gambling habit.  Brnovich says that the other case involves
66-year old Pamela Williams, who plead guilty in Pima County to embezzling more
than $20,000 from an 81-year old woman suffering from dementia.  Brnovich notes that the elderly are
particularly vulnerable to this kind of crime and the people who love them
should help prevent it, like making sure the people caring for them can really
be trusted.