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Preference Election Nuance

It seems most everyone agrees that there’s much confusion surrounding Arizona’s Presidential preference election that is coming up March 22. In addition to being misunderstood, there are certain quirks associated with what is essentially a Presidential nomination process. Mohave County Voter Registration supervisor Kim Stewart said anyone who is registered as an Independent will be unable to vote in the Preference election unless they register as a Republican, Democrat or Green party member by February 22. She said anyone who is so-inclined can simply re-register back to their party of choice well in advance of the regular primary election coming...

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Lake Havasu City republicans are nominated

Three Lake Havasu City republicans are nominated for possible appointment to the District 5 Arizona state senate seat. Kelli Ward vacated the position on December 15 to devote more time to her campaign challenge of U.S. Senator John McCain. Duly elected precinct committeemen residing in LD5 and Mohave County selected Sue Donahue, LaJuanna Gillette and George Schnittgrund as nominees during a Saturday meeting in Lake Havasu. Mohave County Supervisors will consider appointing one of them during a special Tuesday meeting in Kingman. Whoever is appointed would serve as senator for about one year. Each of the three nominees has reportedly agreed they will finish Ward’s term and not seek election beyond that. Mohave County Republican Party Chairman Mike Ward expressed disappointment that only 41 of 83 eligible precinct committee people showed up to vote at the nomination meeting. He said many neglected their responsibility to participate in a very important task....

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