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Mohave County Economic Development Department excels

By Butch Meriwether When companies decide they want to relocate to Mohave County or decide to expand their current operations here, they don’t have to shop around for information, demographic data and/or assistance. The multifaceted agency headed up by Bennett Bratley is designed to meet the growing needs of companies and is a one-stop-information source called Mohave County Economic Development Department (MCEDD). Bennett Bratley became the MCEDD director in 2009 and he has a background in real estate which is a valuable asset to the county. His department offers a variety of services and programs designed to help companies...

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Security Experts Claim Biometric Technology is Not without Flaws

Lake Havasu City, AZ – With the introduction of finger print technology on the iPhone 5s in 2013, biometric technology has grown to become a popular feature on many smartphones today.  Smart phone manufactures have integrated this latest technology in the hope of bolstering security and improving usability; however, security experts are questioning the new technology after discovering that they may not be as secure as people first thought.  “Mobile payments are now being accepted on these smart devices with just a touch of a finger,” Supervisor Buster Johnson, 1st Vice President of the National Association of Counties Cyber Security Task Force Team, stated.  “In some circumstances when one uses their smartphone to pay for merchandise at certain locations a pin number or signature isn’t even required.  The purchase is authenticated with your fingerprint.  As more and more individuals turn to this technology, security experts are finding more flaws with the system than originally thought,” Johnson continued. The use of biometric technology is nothing new.  According to a report done by GCN, a public sector I.T. company, law enforcement agencies have used fingerprints for forensic identification for more than a century, and more recently the U.S. government has required biometrics for identify management through smart government ID cards.  “Biometric security is known to be far more secure than just simply using a four digit pin code to unlock a...

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EPA awards $30,000 to Arizona State University sustainable design teams

SAN FRANCISCO – Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded a total of $30,000 in grants to two student teams Arizona State University to design a new, less expensive solar energy prototype and the development of gasification and biochar retort technologies, a more sustainable approach to agricultural waste.  Both projects are part of EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) program. “These students are coming up with cutting-edge solutions for the most challenging environmental issues facing Arizona, and the world,” said Jared Blumenfeld, EPA’s Regional Administrator for the Pacific Southwest. “Each year, the projects created by student teams surpass our expectations.” The Arizona State University teams will each receive $15,000 for their projects.  The projects funded are: Community-Scale Gasification and Biochar Retort Hubs for Rural Areas: A “Closed Loop” System for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioenergy – The reliance on fossil fuels, chemical agents, and nutrient deposits to draw adequate agricultural yields from marginal soils results in the accumulation of toxins in soils, water, air, and biota. In many developing countries, the resulting wastes are improperly disposed of and/or incinerated, leading to further environmental degradation, and thus magnifying risks to food security and human and ecosystem health. Gasification and biochar retort technologies promise a cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable approach to the management of organic wastes. In response to the need for interdisciplinary studies integrating appropriately-scaled economic, social, and environmental feasibility assessment, the...

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Mohave County Library Adds New Online Resource Tool

The Mohave County Public Library is continuing their trend into the digital age by adding a new online resource for businesses and individuals.  “With over half of American adults owning a tablet in today’s digital age, it is important that our libraries keep up with the demands of our constituents.  While libraries will always provide physical books, the trend into e-books and digital content is drastically growing,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated. The Mohave County Library’s new online reference tool, ReferenceUSA, is a digital database that provides detailed information on millions of U.S. companies and households.  “This database will provide constituents...

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Are you ready for Windows 9?

Microsoft has noted that they are set to release Windows 9 to the public in the Spring of 2015. What does that mean for you? It means that there will be an alternative to Windows 8 for those that are not happy with Windows 8 and those needing to upgrade but have waited because of Windows 8 or the fear thereof. The newest release of Windows 9 will feature many improvements over Windows 8. The start menu will return, it will have a few changes but will essentially work as it does in Windows 7, Vista and XP. Metro...

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