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BEEN!THERE PUTS YOUR VOICE ON A MAP “Audio only” social platform – where sharing spoken word makes more sense… August, 2014 – Been!There,  launches its free audio social platform which connects people to places in the way the online social world has not yet known. Been!There (now available for Android) allows people to record their experiences into 30-second audio clips (“speaklets”) and attach them to locations on the map. It lets the spoken experiences of people be the guide for those who come later. Connecting speaklets to the same location springs up online conversations between complete strangers sharing opinions or insights about the place. Something leaves an especially good or bad impression while you are there? Share with others in an instantaneous, zero-typing way which captures not only the facts, but also your emotions. Speak your mind… With this release Been!There builds on unique strengths of an “old-fashioned” speaking as the sole means of...

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