Let the blood-curdling screams begin…Silent Witness is taking on monsters at Arizona’s most horrifying haunted house.  Retired Sergeant Darren Burch says Silent Witness is teaming up with Chambers of Fear Haunted House in Surprise to raise money to fight crime. A percentage of all ticket sales will be donated to

Silent Witness in an effort to take down the bad guys.  Burch says “while people are having fun with make-believe monsters, we’ve allowed Silent Witness to go out and help law enforcement catch the real monsters.” So, anyone daring to enter the Chambers of Fear Haunted House on Friday night will have a hand in catching those monsters roaming the streets.  This is the second year Chambers of Fear partnered with Silent Witness.  This year, Arizona’s Ultimate Haunted House offers four-times the terror than last year with three spine-chilling attractions that covers a menacing 25-thousand square-feet of gloriously gruesome sights.  After catching your breath from frightful screaming, head over to the Silent Witness booth and make another donation by buying a deck of playing cards featuring Arizona’s Most Wanted.   

Chambers of Fear was featured on Travel Channels Hit Series “MAKING MONSTERS” and truTV’s” TOP 20 MOST SHOCKING Halloween Special.”  Take down a monster at Chambers of Fear Haunted House Friday, September 26 at 11340 W. Bell Road (114th Avenue and Bell Road).  The Chamber is open 7 p.m. to Midnight.  

Kris Dugan