Scottsdale Police say they’ve caught red-handed the ones behind recent burglaries at Chaparral High School. Sergeant Ben Hoster says the trouble began April 28th when two teenage boys, wearing hoodies and masks,  broke into the school but were chased off by janitors working the overnight shift. Hoster says one suspect dropped a laptop while fleeing.

Hoster says police knew the crooks were driving a green Toyota Corolla janitors reported seeing in the April burglary. Hoster says they returned to the school May 12th to rip off a speaker box, which is what they were after in that first break-in. Surveillance video captures images of two people transporting the speaker box. By this second visit, police were on to them, staking out the school parking lot, and then learning the suspects drove to the nearby Barton House, a senior center.

Hoster says, because the suspects realized police were watching them, they did not go back to the car. Soon, officers moved in, arresting 18 year olds William Edgar and Colin Buckeye, and Buckeye’s 34 year old sister, Christina Kiser at the scene. Buckeye goes to Chapparal High. Police recovered the nine thousand dollar music box along with burglary tools in the car. Hoster, noting the fact the car did not have an attached license plate, says, “they knew what they were doing.”

The suspects face Burglary, Criminal Damage and Criminal Trespass charges, and Kiser also faces charges of Meth possession.

–Barbara Villa