downloadThe Chief of the Golden Valley Fire District wants the public to know that he did not allow a personal friend to sexually harass district employee Nicole Guerrero in her workplace. Chief Thomas O’Donohue, at Wednesday’s fire district board meeting, noted that an investigator hired by the district determined that the allegation is without merit. “That’s why I wanted this out in public, because that’s a pretty serious allegation and it was unfounded, according to this report,” O’Donohue said. “And that’s important not only for the board to verbalize but for the community to know because that was on the front page of the newspaper! And that’s my reputation!” The Board agreed with O’Donohue, with member Jack Hommel noting that the chief should beheld blameless for the claim Guerrero filed against the district in September. The claim has Guerrero and her attorney threatening to sue the district unless she is paid $75,000. Guerrero’s still pending claim also alleges that Board member Rhonda Brooks harassed her on the job. There was no discussion at the board meeting regarding investigative findings with respect to the Brooks allegations. Guerrero has been on paid administrative leave since filing the claim, collecting about $11,000 in pay and benefits while doing nothing for the district.