A second-grade student at Paseo Hills Elementary School in Phoenix died Friday while eating lunch in the School Cafeteria.  Heidi Vega, a spokeswoman for the Deer Valley Unified School District says it’s not clear exactly what happened.  She explains seven-year-old “Javier Lopez had been eating lunch in

the cafeteria and became unresponsive – it appeared he may have had an object obstructing his airways.”

Vega says a teacher performed the Heimlich Maneuver and a school nurse assisted with the CPR, but the boy was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.  Vega says the school was informed just before noon that Javier did not survive.” It’s possible the child choked on some food, but a medical examiner will be determining the cause of death.

Vega says a death involving a student is tough on everyone.  She adds “at this point, we are trying to work with our staff members, our principal is doing a great job leading on this endeavor.”  The principal will bring in Crisis Response Team next week for the children and the faculty to help children and faculty cope with the sudden and tragic death of a classmate.

Kris Dugan