A child prostitution sting went down in Mesa that netted five arrests in “Operation Wildfire.”  Detective Steve Berry says undercover operatives posing as a 16-year-old girl lured five men to a hotel room through the internet with the promise of sexual activity.  Berry says these sexual predators trolled internet sites such as

“Backpage” and “Craig’s List” looking for a sexual encounter with children.  Five men, 57-year-old Steven Schroeder, 38-year-old Federico Lopez, 34-year-old Markque Simon, 28-year-old Andrew Draayer and 24-year-old Marcus Garcia, “willingly” went to the hotel believing they were going to be with a minor.  When the men arrived, detectives were ready to take them into custody.  The were booked on one count of child prostitution and various other charges.

Kris Dugan