No more sleeping in child welfare offices for endangered children just taken from their homes. Childhelp U.S.A , working with the Department of Child Safety, has teamed up to provide a brand new facility that feels just like home. Christina Martinez with Childhelp says, it all came together in just two weeks with the

help of donations, including gift cards, which help pay for new beds and brightly colored furnishings such as bed spreads, curtains and drawers, opening the temporary haven to needy children June 1st.

Martinez says once it was learned children in D-C-S custody has no place to stay overnight other than the office, outraged people quickly mobilized and shored up the funding and the location for the new shelter. The secret facility provides a nice, soft bed in cheery surroundings to comfort up to 30 children making the transition from their old home to foster placement. For security reasons, the location is not being disclosed.

The children will stay at this interim shelter only for a day. Until this week, too many abused and neglected children had to make the D-C-S office and floor their resting place at night amid a significant shortage of foster homes. Little wonder Martinez says, the shelter dramatically underscores the need for loving families to help care for abused, neglected children during a very tumultuous time in their young lives.

–Barbara Villa